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Park and Ride at Gatwick Airport

It's the cheapest way to park your car at the airport

Looking for the most economical way to park during your trip? If so then park and ride is for you. On the day of your flight drive to the car park and catch a free courtesy shuttle to the terminal building. On your return catch the shuttle back to the car park from outside the terminal entrance.

Park and Ride involves driving to the secure car park, parking your car and then catching the courtesy shuttle to your terminal. You keep your car keys with you.

It is different to Meet and Greet parking where you drive straight to the terminal and are met by a driver who parks your car for you.

At Gatwick Airport you can park at the airport close to your terminal using the Official Long Term parking. These are recommended for longer stays, they are just five minutes by shuttle to your terminal. Or an even cheaper option is to park at one of the off-airport park and ride car parks. These are operated by independent companies and will have shuttle time from between 5 - 15 minutes to the airport.

When you arrive back to Gatwick Airport and have collected your luggage, make your way outside to catch the free bus back to the car park. All Park and Ride operators are located within 15 minutes of the airport but it is always best to allow more time - especially before your flight, just in case of any traffic delays.

This service is the most economical way to park your car at the airport. It's not quite as convenient as some of the other ways to park but it is unbeatable value for money!

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How Does It Work?

Park and Ride is easy. On the day that you fly simply drive to the car park (address will be in your confirmation email). Enter the car park and park your car. Then catch a free regular shuttle bus to the terminal building. On your return to Gatwick make your way outside the terminal catch the bus back to the car park. Make your way home from there.

Car Park Security

All car parking compounds featured on are secure and protected by CCTV, perimeter fencing and 24-hour patrols.

Is Park and Ride better than Meet and Greet?

Park and Ride is often cheaper then Meet and Greet because it is not quite as convenient and it involves catching a shuttle bus to and from the terminal, rather than being met at the terminal. You have control over where you park your car and you get to take your keys with you.

If you have more time on your hands when arriving at the airport this is a great parking option and all car parks on are located less than 15 minutes away by free shuttle bus.

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An alternative to Meet and Greet and Park and Ride, if you would like to be at the airport the night before or after you fly opt for combined hotel and parking. compares all airport hotels with best rates guaranteed.

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