Meet on Return Parking at Gatwick

Meet On Return - The Perfect, Fuss-Free Option

Meet on Return is a combination of Park and Ride and Meet and Greet. On your outbound journey you drive to the car park, hand over your keys and catch the free shuttle to the airport. When you return your car is delivered back to you at the airport.

If you are looking that perfect mix of convenience and value for money then this parking option may just be the answer for you. You get to take advantage of and economical Park and Ride parking, yet also enjoy the benefits and convenience of valet parking or Meet and Greet.

On your outbound journey, simply drive to the operator's car park and park your car. Once your car and keys are checked in, catch the free shuttle bus to the airport. Your vehicle will be parked for you.

Once you return to Gatwick Airport, a fully insured professional driver will deliver your car back to you at your arrival terminal. This enables you to make a hasty and stress free departure from the airport. Perfect for all tired travellers, young and old!

Meet on Return parking affords you the best of both worlds.

Who does this service suit?

This service is perfect for the traveller who has extra time on the day of their departure - giving them time to drive to the car park and take the free shuttle to the airport. Then having your car brought to you on your return is just great for those who need to make a quick getaway, or those who have a late or long-haul return flight. This particular service is especially useful if you have tired young travellers with you.

If you would prefer to stay overnight...

The best parking option might be a Hotel Park and Fly package deal. This is where you stay overnight at a Gatwick Airport hotel, with your parking for the trip included in the rate.