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Gatwick Hotels with Parking Packages (4, 8, 15 and 21 day deals)

How does it work?

More and more people are opting to combine an overnight stay at London Gatwick Airport with long term airport parking. The reason being that it’s a more economical and more practical way of leaving your car at the airport whilst you're away. Also, arriving at the airport the night before you fly (or the night you arrive back if you plan to stay on your return) ensures that you're not driving whilst tired, risking being stuck in a traffic jam or simply just having to rush on the morning of your flight.

All hotels booked through are available with up to 8 and 15 day parking packages. Some even offer 4 and 21 day packages. However long you are away for simply complete the search form above with your check-in / out dates and the date you need parking up to.

If you require an in-between number of days, for example 5 days or 10 days then you have two options. You can either book an 8 day parking package to cover you for the 5 days or, in the case of 10 days, you can pay an additional 2 days at the daily parking rate for that particular hotel. It's worth noting though that it may well be cheaper to pay for a 15 day parking package even if you are only away for e.g. 11 days.

The same principle applies if you require an amount of parking that is more than the packaged amount. Select 15 (or 21) days parking and then pay for additional days on a per day basis.

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  • 5/5Location
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"I was most impressed with the staff, everyone one of whom was courteous and helpful. When I left the hotel I realized that I had lost my watch somewhere between the hotel and the airport. I rang the hotel and someone looked for it, found it and rang me back. I couldn't help noticing that without staff from European countries, the hotel would be in difficulties. A great example of why we need freedom of movement between the UK and the EU."

Susan V - Courtyard by Marriott Double Room, 8 days parking